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Case Study 1: Telecommunication Company

A large telecom provider in Asia Pacific engaged us to target a new audience for a major event and to build new sales Leads for the sales team.

The requirement: The target audience was very specific – delegates attending the event needed to be IT business decision makers working in companies with multiple geographical presences in this region.

Our solution: We analyzed the customer’s database and combined it with our IT and technology decision makers Data Bank. We then executed a very detailed profiling campaign to ensure we had qualified prospects. This campaign included detailed phone interviews over a six week period, asking eight questions to ensure the prospects met our customers’ exact requirements. We then invited the potential target audience for an event on behalf of our customer, managing the follow-up and registration process.

The result: Our client received 500 interested leads that fit their exact requirements. We provided a high-value, targeted and cost-effective campaign that gave our customer relevant and targeted leads for their event.

Case Study 2: Global Distribution Company

A large distribution company invited its existing customers to enroll in a new marketing campaign. All customers who enrolled in this campaign that shipped a minimum amount within the campaign period would receive credits, resulting in significant future discounts. Our customer launched the campaign utilizing traditional marketing methods, such as eDM and direct mail. Unfortunately they got a very disappointing response rate of 3%. Their expectation was 40%.

The requirement: Coming to us, they asked how we could significantly increase the response rate for this campaign. After studying their campaign in depth, we trained our staff and took further action by launching a tele-profiling campaign on their behalf.

Our solution: Engaging our call center, a team of five agents followed up with all customers directly, highlighting the benefits of enrolling in this campaign. We also profiled their database of more than 8,000 contacts.

The result: Our customer was delighted when we achieved a 54% success rate, far exceeding their initial expectations for this campaign.

Case Study 3: Software Manufacturing Company

One of the world’s largest software companies wanted to acquire new prospects and profile its existing database to ensure they understood their customers and prospects.

The requirement: Utilization of our profiling services to clean up their database and identify new, targeted contacts from our Data Bank through an acquisition process.

Our solution: Over a five month period, we matched the customer’s database with our Data Bank, extracting relevant information, such as number of employees, number of PCs and servers, turn-over and industry sector. We also populated the database with functional contacts across the target organizations, such as IT and Technology decision makers and influencers, purchasing/procurement, finance and C-level contacts. Upon enriching their database with relevant demographic information and populating it with key decision makers, our call center undertook a custom profiling exercise with a selected target group. This included questions on their existing database software usage, purpose of application, number of licenses, budget, future growth plans and more.

The result: A happy customer with 11,000 executives profiled with a fully-functional and usable database for future marketing initiatives. All contacts are now accurate, qualified and fully profiled for their various Target Marketing Campaigns.

Case Study 4: Logistic Company

A large global logistics company needed to continuously update their prospects across the various States of Malaysia. Their goal was to ensure their database was always current and included all key prospects in this vital market.

The requirement: We had an on-going relationship with this customer to continuously feed new prospects in their database.

Our solution : Every month we de-dup the customer’s database with our Data Bank and all new prospects identified that meet their criteria, are bought by our customer and integrated into their own customer/prospect database.

The result: Every month, this customer receives new targets, with all relevant contact information to be integrated into their CRM system.

Case Study 5: CRM and Database Consultant

A world largest CRM consultant engaged us to leverage on our data localization services.

The requirement : Client has a large database for dual byte data across China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan and that needed to be translated reliably from English to the applicable native language and also from native language to English. Therefore, customer can use the data in native language for mailing and other marketing related actives.

Our solution: We mapped the various input files to identical formats on output in order to strive for a consistent process and leverage on our Postal Address File and Transliteration engine to convert the data from local language to Roman English and vice versa.

The result: Almost 85% of the data were successfully translated although the initial data quality falls beyond 60%


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