We analyze your data and report on effective strategies for turning the data into a profitable resource.

data_mgtMany organisations hold valuable customer data but they cannot put it to effective and profitable use due to inefficient processes and invalid data. In a good database, data is accurate, up-to-date and formatted consistently. However, inaccurate, misspelling, duplication, incompleteness and use of incorrect data formats can occur in a database especially when there were no rigorous control for data inputs.

Success of every marketing or customer communication efforts will be dependent on the quality of the data that organisation hold in their database. At CNCData, data services are our core business and our clients are companies that use data for Direct Marketing or CRM purposes or as an Information Source.  With our sophisticated technology solutions, we offer hassle free, expert services for all your data needs from Data Quality Audit to Data Management Services.


Learn our leading target marketing and intelligent data management solutions to attain new customers for your niche products and services.