Quality of the data is most important asset for every organization. Capturing this data accurately and completely in a timely manner and in a consistent format is how smart companies create customers for life.

A large database always lack of regular maintenance. It is likely to comprise of duplicate, dead, invalid, incomplete and stale contacts. Quality of data in your contact database has a direct impact on the business ROI. Thus, cleansing and updating contact database on a regular basis is the primary and perennial need of the business.

CNCData can scrub, nurture and update your existing contact database on a regular basis to keep it fresh and accurate. This will help you generate as many qualified leads with measurable returns.

Data Hygiene

CNCData provides a single-source solution to automate Data Hygiene solutions across the Asia Pacific Region. We are familiar with the local and regional Corporate Legal Name Registration systems (E.g : Pte Ltd for Singapore Private Limited Companies, Sdn Bhd for Malaysia Private Limited Companies, Inc. for US based Incorporated companies, etc…) , Naming conventions, postal address forms, contact number formats and all your customers’ data needs.

Address Hygiene

Address Hygiene is the accuracy of the address information on a mailing list. The greater the hygiene, the greater the deliverability of the mail produced. Factors affecting address hygiene include keeping up with address changes, assigning correct ZIP codes and including necessary directional and apartment or suite numbers. Address hygiene can be improved by computer analyzing the list against the Postal Service-produced address system.

We work closely with local postal administrations around the world and now we have combined that know-how with the most comprehensive address databases and flexible technology so you can make adjustments for each country’s proper postal format and address layout — automatically!


Data Matching

Comparison and matching to retrieve the most important and critical information


Data Merging

Merging of related data for efficient storage and avoiding data scatter


Data Purging

Scrapping of unwanted and multiple copies of information


Database De-duplicating

Eliminating duplicate records and producing a compact & clean database of information


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