Without a cohesive database management strategy and rigorous control of data inputs, inaccurate, incomplete or poorly formatted data will find its way into your database. Often, a larger database means a bigger problem.


data_managementIt has been widely accepted that most databases are riddled with errors. These errors are the cancer of information systems, spreading from place to place and causing operational and financial havoc. Unfortunately, while data errors are spread throughout all parts of databases, the data cleansing efforts in practice mostly focus on customer data standardization, de-duplication and matching. Cleansing the rest of the data is relegated to manual work and this rarely succeeds.

We have developed advanced but affordable software systems and data processes to clean, standardize and re-field your international data, saving you a lot of money by reducing postal returns, duplication rates and customer irritation. Making the most of your data improves the return on your marketing investment

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