Asia’s leading market and business intelligence database supplier with accurate coverage across 1,500,000 organizations and 3,500,000 decision makers


  • Does your marketing campaign need additional audience?
  • Do you want to tap on to the unidentified market and untouched geographical accounts?
  • Do you wish to run unique campaigns for targeted segments?
  • Are you struggling to reach functional decision makers ?


CNCData provides you functional level executives and industry specific decision makers/influences who are interested in your products and services.

Leverage on our large Data Bank, which has 1,500,000 businesses with 3,500,00 decision makers across 23 Asia Pacific Countries. Our Data Bank records are 90% accurate and 100% phone validated. Exhaustive measures are taken to ensure that records are maintained at the highest quality.

With our extensive coverage, exceptional accuracy and wide variety of selection criteria CNCData gives you the power to target your marketing as narrowly as you require. Our sales and marketing data provide key IT and Technology Decision Makers/Influencers, Financial Decision Makers, C-Level Contacts, etc. We can build target account lists customized to your business requirements. Customers can specify targets by Industry Verticals, Company Size, Job Function and Job Level.


Installed Base Profile

Convert your existing prospect database with our updated demographic business intelligence and stay assured of having delivered the right messages to the right prospects.

This data set of premium business intelligence is the perfect resource for marketing and sales executives targeting companies based on their installed based profile. We offer up to millions of individual contact records with full details on installed technology at their locations. All you have to do is tell us the slice of data you want.

We can also identify customers of specific accounts or create target list for key channel partners like SAP, SalesForce, WebEx, etc. These target account lists will enable you segment your target market effectively and help you do target account profiling to bring about unmatched desirable ROI from your sales and marketing activities, hence uncover opportunities faster.


Learn our leading target marketing and intelligent data management solutions to attain new customers for your niche products and services.