Inbound & Outbound Call Centre

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Outbound Services:

CNCData’s Outbound call centre offers the following outbound services:

Lead Generation :
Gathering data on prospective customers’ interest for your products or services. This information can be used to generate sales opportunities
Database Updating &  Profiling :
Deep profiling of your customers & prospects for better target marketing
Event Invitation :
Enhance responses for your marketing and networking events
Appointment Setting :
An extremely effective marketing tool service oriented businesses
Market Research :
The process of systematically gathering, recording and analyzing data about your customers,competitors and products

Inbound Services:

We can dedicate a Hotline number for your project for a period of time or on a long term and allocate agents for based on campaign requirements.

Our inbound call center agents undergo intensive training to prepare them for undertaking each project. Following are the type of inbound services we are confident to take on:

Customer Services :
Paying higher attention to enhance your customer’s level of satisfaction with the aim of going beyond their expectations
Sales and up-sell :
Well trained agents to handle inbound sales calls, taking orders and upsell or cross-sell your products/services
Tech Support :
Services for assisting your customers in solving specific problems associated with a particular product
Help Desk Services :
An information and assistance resource that answer common inquiries about your products or services



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